Outdone by Neighbor's Son

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You and your fiancee Taylor moved into a new house in a very affordable suburb of Atlanta. The neighborhood has a large African American community with fewer white families, but as far as you see it, it is still a great place to raise your future kids. Across the street there's a black family, whose teenage son named Lesean was 17 at the time. Taylor and I would always joke around about how much of a player Jordan was and how many different white girls in the neighborhood we saw him hanging out with. He was really cocky and confident and smooth with the girls. It helped that he was the high school star running back.

You take a peek at Taylor as she gets dressed for the day.

Taylor was 18 when you guys met in high school. You were both seniors on your way out, and she knew that you were going to be rich, being the salutatorian and all. Her aspirations of you fell short however, as you now have a middle class desk job and she never cared to work or attend college. Both 24 years old, she looks even better than she did in high school when she was the hottest girl around. She had juicy warm thighs, a tiny waist and a perfect, thick juicy bubble shaped, sculpted ass that just needed to be fucked. It was unbelievable how amazing it looked popping out of the tight yoga pants or short shorts she wore daily. Her waist and abs were thin and she had a nice bouncy chest, with soft pink nipples on her perky set tits. Her platinum bleach blonde hair was silky smooth and covered her irresistibly thick soft and puffy cocksucking lips. She was the sexiest fuck of your life.

Taylor takes a shower

Take a shower

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