Out of This World

From Create Your Own Story

You examine the small grey bead in your hands carefully. It's hard to believe something like this could provide full immersion VR, but science has advanced incredibly in the last few decades. You stick it to the side of your head in a rush to get started and initiate the voice command interface. "Neurosim, start!". You feel yourself relaxing into your seat as though you are falling asleep, and then, awaken in a blank white room with a small screen on the wall. A computer rendered face with an obviously digital voice speaks to you through the screen.

"Welcome to Neurosim Virtual Reality prototype 1.12. You may call me 'computer', or set a new name for me. I am your AI digital assistant inside Neurosim. I will change the environment and program events inside the simulation according to your voice commands. If you'd like, you may browse through the following premade scenarios. Or, give me a command now to get started on a custom scenario."

You open your mouth, giddy with excitement. "Understood, computer." You take some time to consider how to begin, then, when you have an idea for a game ready, deliver your instructions to the computer...

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