Open the door anyway.

From Create Your Own Story

You ignore his warning, and pull down on the handle. You begin to slowly open the door, but you can't see what's inside- the room is pitch black. The man behind you is weeping silently, cowering in the corner. A foul, wrenched odor comes from the bathroom, as if something had died. A hand with fingers scratched down to the bone juts out from the dark and grabs you by your ear, and pulls. Your ear separates from your head, and blood flies everywhere. This seems to aggravate the thing inside the room, and it grabs you again by your arm and pulls. The man behind you is screaming, and you can feel the presence of the monster lurching toward your neck.

You need to thing fast.

Punch the monster in the gut

Twist away, onto the floor

Give up and fall limp

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