One Princess, Four Princes, Choices

From Create Your Own Story

Your eyes flutter open to the sun sprinkling into your room from the curtain's parting. Rubbing your sapphire blue eyes with the back of your palm, you let out a massive yawn and blink clumsily whilst looking about. You had had a nice dream, of a man. He was beckoning to you, arms held out wide. His face was hidden but there was something about that dream...

Suddenly there is a big THUD THUD THUD. As the noise comes closer you let out a sigh and shift around in your bed until your bedroom door flies open and a slightly stocky woman walks in with a brisk expression on her face. "Princess Esmerla, you should have been outta bed an hour a go! What will the King and Queen say! Oh heavens my child... Why must you be so stubborn, you should be more like your sister!" scolded Mary, your lady servant.

Ah yes... Today was the day... You think, Today I will meet four men. One I shall choose to marry... Yet I can't seem to brighten my spirits, for I wanted to marry for love...

Do you:

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