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This is the equivalent of the Main Hub of Omni Joint Story, hosted by Ultra Bra, originally developed on Twine and copied here for accessibility. Below you can find some helpful links for guides on how to contribute to the project and navigate it.


This is a collaborative creative writing project for the members of Powerpuppet's Omnitopia Discord server. The project name at the moment is simply "Omni Joint Story".


This version of the story is available for all who have an internet connection. The contributing members so far are:

  • Ultra Bra (host)

Please add your name to this list if you add any pages or make any major improvements or modifications to them.

Tags: The version of Omni Joint Story developed on Twine has a tag system. Due to the constraints of the Wiki format, this feature is unavailable.


To get to the beginning of the story, follow this: OJS/Beginning

For general rules and tips for writing for this project, follow this: OJS/Writing guidelines

For a comprehensive list of all endings so far, follow this: OJS/Endings

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