Ok. Let's go with Silver Fox.

From Create Your Own Story

~~Fancy Smoke Later~~

So you're a 65-year-old guy with a lot going for you in the looks department - you work out and it shows. You're still working with a full head of silver hair, got some craters and ridges on your face that give you that rough-and-weathered look and you can still lift like you're 35 (ok, 40, but we're not telling anyone). You've got a wife 17 years younger than you, and you're both waiting outside for her 18-year-old daughter to arrive. You're a little miffed with the wife right now, actually. Of course you knew she had a kid when you married her six months ago, but she just sprang on you that the girl would be coming to live with you for an indeterminate amount of time. She's been raised mostly by her father and his new wife since her parents split up when she was 10, so you're not sure why she suddenly has to come mooch off of your ends - and your sex time. You're thinking you'll be getting a lot of fucking good sex out of this when a taxi pulls up in front of your big, American dream house in the suburbs. Then you're not thinking at all because holy shit. Out steps...

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