Office Ladies

From Create Your Own Story

You're a young man working in a billing office for a a small physical therapy company. You're just out of college and just recently accepted a position in the data maintenance department.

For some reason you woke up today feeling like you could do anything you wanted. With this extra boost of confidence today, you decide that you'll try and seduce one of your office coworkers.

There are three women in your section of the office who you find attractive.

The first woman is Jess. Jess is about 5'3 and in her late twenties with blonde hair, a pretty decent body, and round butt. She has a huge pair of tits that are noticeable in almost anything she wears. She's really friendly and talks to you often but she is really lazy at work and constantly slacks off. She has two kids ages 6 and 9 with her boyfriend Tyrone. You kind of get a "white trash vibe" from her as she doesn't take shit from anyone.

The second woman is Lori. She is in her thirties, about 5'8 with short, darker red hair and a lot of freckles all over her body. She is incredibly cute for her age and has a really bubbly personality. Lori jogs every day on her lunch break and is in amazing shape because of this. She has B cup tits but a firm, thick, shapely ass that smoothly blends into her slim waist. Lori doesn't have any kids but she is married and talks about her husband Jason constantly. Lori is always happy and in a good mood but you realize she's kind of ditsy.

The third woman is Mia. Mia has just turned 21, thin body, blonde hair, and a tight ass. She is the mail girl who you see walking around the office every day. Mia seems completely disinterested in anyone and constantly has her nose in her phone. There's something about her tight body and unassuming personality that makes you want to find out more about her.

Who will you talk to first?

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