Off to School

From Create Your Own Story

You hop in the front seat of your mom's minivan. Your sister sits in the middle row, texting on her phone all the way.

The ride is pretty uneventful. Your mom drops your sister off first, and then two blocks later you get out at your highschool.

"See you when I get home tonight Sweetie!" Your mom says as you get out, "make sure to wait for Tina and Sarah, they're coming home with you this afternoon."

"Ok Mom. Bye!" Great you think, your two cousins, Tina (17) and Sarah (14) will be good company after school. Even though you're 14 now, your mom still likes someone to be there looking after you when she can't. She gives Tina $20 a day to walk the two of you home and stay there until she gets back from work.


The bell rings. Off to first class!

Your first class today is:

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