Ocean Master

From Create Your Own Story


You are an American 34-year old man named Nicholas Peterson. For several years you've had an addiction to smoking cigarettes and drinking vodka. You're tall and a little heavier than you'd like. On the bright side, you're strong. However, you aren't exactly brilliant. When you were in high school, you got Ds and Cs, even an F in history (which you're proud to say was useless in your life).

But all that has changed. You know what's about to happen: you're going to Brazil to work on some editorials on travel. Yes, you may have worked at a gas station for a long time, but you have been able to get a job as a newspaper employee. Sure, it's you're first big thing; but you're sure you'll be fine.

Now, here's the big question: what are you going to bring? You already have shirts, pants, and some sneakers (perfect for running in!). You have your tickets to go on a boat there and a plane back (for testing travel). But what else to bring...

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