Occupational Therapy

From Create Your Own Story

Created by Travvie.

Our story is set in an extremely popular gay bar of a bustling metropolis. It is called "Occupational Therapy". The reason it is titled so is because the dancers each sport the garb of a traditional occupation (e.g. policeman, fireman, etc.). The bar has a very large dance floor in front of a raised stage. Dotted throughout the dance floor are pedestals with poles mounted on them: they are for the dancers. There is a bar in the back and on the sides of the bar are various private rooms, which can be rented out for whatever you want...

Now here's your choice: Who are you going to be?

Are you:

  • Lil' Rodeo, the "Abercrombie Cowboy". A 21 year-old (or so he says) pretty boy with sun-bleached blond hair, striking blue eyes, and a taut muscular physique.
  • Fuzz, the Cop. A hairy, Italian muscle bear with a large, intimidating frame who looks damn good in a pair of aviators... and nothing else.
  • Major Bicep, the Military Man. An ex-bodybuilder turned veteran stripper, one of the oldest strippers at the joint very popular with daddy-chasers.
  • Chocolate Fire, the Fireman. Arguably the sexiest stripper, with a perfect body and cock, everybody wants him.
  • Geoffrey, the Bartender. He isn't a stripper but he certainly acts like one.
  • Mr. Constantine, a regular at the club. He is a CEO of an established company and comes to the club to rent private rooms with one of the boys. When he isn't at the club or at his work he is at the gym. The strippers call him "Silver Sugar Daddy" because of his head of metallic silver hair.
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