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The sun stood glistening over the highest parts of the city and dipped the sky in an almost unreal blue, shining like the tropical sea, as if the day wanted to put every ocean to shame.
Everyone who saw you, would think, that you might be captivated by the spectacle before your eyes but this was not true in the least. You were looking around, that much was true, but your gaze was not meeting the clouds or the sky, no, your gaze has fixated itself on the big, white obelisk, standing in the middle of city.
It was there since a few days ago and, to your utter surprise, seemed to go unnoticed by everyone around you. No one said anything and there were no news or annoucements which even acknowledged the existing of said obelisk. At first you were quite sure, that this had been the final straw and you might just be insane, the obelisk a hallucination thought out by your brain. The other night, however, you left your house, wanting to examine the obelisk carefully, and noticed quickly that it was all to real, as your hand touched the smooth surface.
Something was not right, but it definitively wasn't you.

How many times did you walk to the obelisk since that day? You lost count to be honest. But no matter what you did, nothing changed the fact, that you could see and touch the obelisk and everyone else obviously not.
It was quite frustrating. How could you not notice something, which was so clearly there? In broad daylight no less?
A dissastified snort send your hair flying out of our face, before you settled on a bench close-by the obelisk. The day was a hot one, and the sun shone ruthlessly down on your form, making you believe that it had some kind of personal vendetta to settle with you. At least you had something to drink, which you now pulled from your bag, a content hum on your lips. Taking a sip from the almost warm Cola, your gaze roamed over the square. Humans were walking left and right, their mass seemingly splitting at the obelisk, like the ocean whenever it hit a rock. It was so obvious but no one seemed to care or even notice. You couldn't say for sure anymore, which it was, to be honest.
A man tried to catch his bottle, which suddenly became uninteresting to him, after it hit the white stone. Another man stepped into view and you watched as he put his hands onto the surface of the obelisk. Your thoughts came to a halt, and you only got muffled sounds to leave your lips, thanks to the cola which still occupied your throat.
He was touching the obelisk? You wanted to shout, but before you could even utter something, a small flash appeared and the man was gone.

Before you could even sort out your thoughts, your legs had already brought you the place, where the man had stood. You too, after a significant amout of hesitation, put your hands up to the stone.
Nothing happened.
No flash, no disappearance, nothing. Secretly, if you were to be honest with yourself, you were actually quite happy about the fact that nothing happened. Actually you did not want to end up wherever you would have ended up. Waiting a few minutes you put your hands back down and returned to the bench. Mumbling angrily you grabbed your bag, heading home for the day.
This was way to absurd.

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