Now you're a girl!

From Create Your Own Story

You wake up, your head feeling really lightheaded and aching badly. It must of been the big Halloween party yesterday. You slowly rise from your bed and stumble a bit before regaining your balance. Going to your Bathroom, you go to the sink and wash your face with cold water. You then grab a towel and wipe your face, and place the towel back on the Rack. Wait.

While you were wiping your face, you caught a glimpse of a girl on the mirror. She has short hair, small breasts, almost flat in fact, and a rather cute face, but then again, people always did say you looked like a girl. You chuckle a bit at the many times other boys would come over and propose to you, only to find out you were male. You prepare to take a shower, stripping off your shorts and your underwear, when you see an important piece of you is missing.

You rub your eyes, blink several times just in case this was a bad dream, and check again and again, but your penis is literally gone, as if someone had just straight-up amputated it off, and in it's place was a vagina. Either you've drunk something really bad and it's giving you the worst hallucination of your life, or this was life at it's most bizarre.

There's only one way to prove it. You move your finger and run it over the place where your wee-wee used to be. You run it around your new part, slowly moving your finger closer to it. Touching the entrance, you feel a slight sensation simply from touching it. It's definitely gone now.


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