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Vanessa combed her long black hair. She was in the bathroom of her mother's house. Today she had stopped by for a shower before work because the hot water was out at her own apartment. Wrapped in a towel from her shoulders to her calves, she looked at herself in the slightly fogged over mirror while she ran the comb through her shoulder length locks.

From outside she heard the loud high pitch phone ring. She ignored it and continued combing. Then it rang again.

"Clare, are you gonna get that?" She called out. There was no response except another ring. Sighing with annoyance she set down the comb, checked the wrap of her towel and then opened the bathroom door. Besides, the only people home were her sister and herself. So, with nothing on her damp skin but a towel she rushed through the house. The phone was not in it's cradle. She heard it ring. Outside? On her bare feet she rushed through the front door. Jake, her boyfriend was supposed to be calling, she hoped to catch it before it went to message.

She stood on the porch. She looked to her left. She looked to her right. Then, she heard the phone ring right behind her. She looked over her shoulder.

"Clare?" she asked. Her sister was standing behind her, holding the wireless phone. Vanessa was confused. Why had Clare not answered her? Why hadn't she answered the phone? The strangest thing to Vanessa was the smile on her sister's face. Why was she smiling in such a menacing manner?

Suddenly Clare lunged forward. Vanessa, startled, just stood in confusion. Clare grasped the corner of Vanessa's towel and yanked. Vanessa looked down in shock. She was naked! Her A cups stood up, moist and erect. Her white fleshed glimmered in the sunshine. She saw her smooth, clean shaven white crotch. She threw her hands over herself frantically.

"Clare!" she screamed. Her sister didn't respond. She was too busy laughing. Vanessa felt her face light up as terror and embarrassment welled up in her. She was naked! Outside! Anyone passing by could see her!

Desperately she lunged at her towel. Her sister laughed and easily whisked it away. Vanessa knew she couldn't get it. Her sister was always lazier but much bigger. Even when she didn't have the advantage of being the only one clothed she was still more then a physical match for her elder sister. Vanessa put her hands back over herself instead.

"Clare, please!" Vanessa couldn't believe she was being forced to beg for her towel back from her younger sister. "Before someone sees me!"

"Oh, I wouldn't worry about that!" Claire said between giggles. "A few people already have!" She gestured to her side. Her cell phone was propped up, obviously recording Vanessa's exposure.

"CLAIRE!" She screamed. Why was her little sister doing this to her?

"Oh come on sis!" Claire cackled. "who cares about seeing you! There's nothing going on there at all!"

Vanessa felt her face grow hotter at her sister's remarks. She darted a quick glance downwards. Her sister was right. Her hand squished her A cups even flatter, making her look like a preteen. She had that small belly that no amount of situps would ever get rid of. Her boyfriend had said it was "cute", which made Vanessa hate it even more. She had thin legs on wide hips, she had to push her legs together to make her thighs touch. She had shaved her crotch bare three days ago, it felt smooth under her hand.

Vanessa looked much younger then she was. She knew that, and hated it. Her sister was four years her junior looked older then her, and had a habit of rubbing it in. Clare had bigger breasts and was taller and curvier. The most curvy part of Vanessa's body was her butt, which she hated. Like her belly no amount of exercise put a dent into her heart shaped derriere.

Vanessa hadn't been naked in front of anyone since she was a kid. She was embarrassed by her body, especially her small breasts, and wore a padded bra every day. Now here she was, in her mother's front yard, naked as the day she was born. Her stomach felt tight, her cheeks bright red, her knees shaking. She looked to her sister who had a shark like grin plastered on her face.

What would her sister do next? Vanessa wondered helplessly.

Clare locks Vanessa in the yard naked

Clare brings Vanessa into the house but still won't give her anything to wear

Clare gives Vanessa something humiliating to wear

Their mother arrives home, angry with both girls

Something Else

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