Not this time, your must mutiny

From Create Your Own Story

You point your gun at Captain Wolfe.

"Turn this ship around" you let him.

"The expedition is too important" Wolfe tells you.

The crew are mostly on Wolfe's side. One fo your men knocks you out from behind.

You wake up in the holding cell. Your shirt has been taken so you know you're going to be punished with a whipping for your attempted mutiny. Looking out the wind, you see the ship is trapped in ice. A guard opens the cell door.

"Its time for your flogging" he says, "ten lashes"

You are led up to the deck where the whipping post awaits. The crew tied your wrists to it. Wolfe takes out the whip himself. You are beaten across your back. Wolfe whips you hard but you don't cry out. After ten lashes, Wolfe puts his whip away.

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