Not So Average Alex

From Create Your Own Story

Beeep Beeep Beeep! Hmrrm. What time is it?

You groggily roll over and fumble around for your phone to shut off your alarm. The screen flashes on, blinding you.

6:15 AM. 6:-fucking-15 A. M. Ugh.

And you were having such a great dream, mmm swim team in the locker room.

Your plan to resume working out at the gym seems more dubious now that you're faced with the fact that it's still dark outside. Fortunately you remembered to set the thermostat to start the heat in your apartment before your alarm went off and it's got the place toasty enough to coax you out of your bed.

You untangle yourself from the blanket and sheets and throw your legs over the side of the bed, resting your palms on your knees. You stand up, arms overhead stretching for the ceiling, going up on your toes flexing your calves as you stretch. Hrmm, maybe the gym isn't such an important destination noticing that your tensed arms and legs aren't the only hard parts of your body. Your morningwood is tenting the well worn pair of grey briefs.


Your phone vibrates with a text.

Do you:

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