No, not at all(SLBC)

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"No, not at all, why would it?"

They all laugh.

"Some girls take a look at how big it is, they get all scared and think there's no way I can take that, but by the time me and my crew here are done with them they can take any cock in any hole all the way to the balls."

"Seriously, one girl and four guys?"

"Sure, in fact we have an Halloween tradition where we cruise around for a pretty little white girl dressed up really nice and bring her back here for a gangbang party, sometimes we even video it but that all depends on the girl."

"The weather seems to have spoiled your plans for this year."

"Yeah, we thought so too and then we found you."

Fear takes hold of you as you suddenly realize what he's just said. "But, but I'm not a girl." You stammer.

"That just means you only have two holes for us to fuck."

He grabs your neck and pulls you head down towards his thigh mashing your face into his cock, you feel someone grab your hands you then hear a click and you feel cold metal against your wrists, your arms are released but try as you might you cannot move your arms as they are locked behind your back.

You begin to struggle hard against the cuffs, the hand holding your neck seems to relax slightly and you are able to move your head more but to your horror your extra movement means your face brushes up and down his cock more causing it to become erect.

Your face pushing against his rapidly hardening cock has you terrified, you were hoping this was just a twisted Halloween joke but there was no escaping the fact you were at the mercy of these four black men, you are caught by surprise when the hand holding you down lets go of your neck and before you can react you feel other hands grab you, something cold and metallic his shoved into your mouth you try to spit it out but they have lodged it behind your teeth, you hear and feel the buckles being fastened holding it in place, you can feel your mouth held wide open by the contraption and try as you might you cannot close it.

The hands holding you let you go and you try to stand but a hand clamps on your shoulder and pushes you back into the sitting position, you glance around the room hoping for some escape, the only difference in the room now is that the four black guys sat around drinking beer are now naked, and each one as a large erect black cock.

"So white boy how do you feel knowing you're about to take on four hung brothas?"

You can only let out a few grunts through the ring gag.

"You're going to really enjoy it, that is if we use plenty of lubricant, without it, it will hurt like a bitch, but cuffed as you are we don't need the lubricant we can make it fit. "In the next room we've got a load of cameras set up if we release you just go in there look into one of the camera's tell them your name, your eighteen and a virgin, then we'll do this the easy way with plenty of lubricant."

Do you?

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