Ninja Kittehs From Space!

From Create Your Own Story

In the year 3000, a bunch of cute kittehs were sent to Mars for a brutal science experiment. An awesome karate master who loved kittehs decided to teach the kittehs ninja arts, so they could defend themselves. The kittehs defeated the evil scientists, and stole their science gear, so they could become Super-Cyborg-Ninja-Kittehs. You are the leader of this group, Super-Kitteh. In your team is, Bat-Kitteh, Spider-Kitteh, The Incredible Kitteh, and Iron Kitteh. You have taken the ship, and flew back to Earth, where you fight crime, and save the few good citizens left, in this crime-infested world. The adventure starts at your base, Kitteh-Base, where you just heard some glass break. After going to investigate, you find robbers, trying to take your awesome kitteh stuff!

Do you:

Attack them stealthily

Use your ninja powers

Drop a chandelier on top of them

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