New Town, New Experience

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A story about a 21 year old guy who will be moving to a new town with his beautiful step mom and step sister. He can try to fuck all of the new ladies he'll meet and his existing housemates. Or he can become a beta boi and help the other men in his new life conquer the girls who he admires...

John walks into his new home. He takes in his new environment. The living room is enormous compare to the tiny apartment that he shared with his goddesses like stepmother and his gorgeous younger step-sister. They are outside talking with the movers who already arrange all of everyone's items in their bedrooms. He moves through the apartments seeing the kitchen which is bigger than his last bedroom by a ton.

qJ9FoRm.jpg -- mom

![](7c2wvs1.jpg) -- sister

John Smith prevails as an ordinary type of guy. He is 5'10 missing the six-foot mark that the girls love by two inches. He possesses unremarkable short brown hair and brown eyes. He isn't strong or he isn't weak. He is straight down the middle in the strength department. His cock however to him is the fortunate thing that he held. A great white seven-inch cock. The three girls that he slept with back in the county, said that he was a monster compared to some of their old boyfriends.

John and his stepfamily move to the city because of two main reasons. His stepmom, Lisa, got a better job that could pay for this house a few blocks away from the city lights. And because John's father died six months ago. Lisa loved John's dad and it took a lot out of her to live in the same place where he died. She scrambled away to this place, just to get a little further space from her late husband's resting place.

John and their stepfamily get along pretty well. So well in fact that they invited him along to the big city. They said they crave a strong male to protect them from burglaries and a load of other bullshit, but John knew they were being nice by allowing him, a guy with no prospects, to live with them.

John went to the window to look out to see his step family chatting with...

A black neighbor

A hot blonde neighbor

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