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From Create Your Own Story

In this story you are Matt Highland, a 23 year old tall white guy. You were recently released from jail. At 17 you killed your father wile he was beating your mother. You were very lucky and your lawyer was pretty good. Jail changed your life. Joining a white supremacist gang was your only way to survive. You may be free today but your body is marked with many signs relating to white power. You also came out with a shit ton of hate ready to burst out at any confrontation. There is only one thing that this negative anti-racial influence did not affect: you still crave for hot ethnic women.

Today you are waiting for your sister at her school. You are supposed to pic her up and bring her back home. You live at your mother's house along with your sis. Judy, your sister is now 18 years old but you missed out on most of her life. All these years of separation makes it very hard. In other words, you find her annoying and she hates you. She is a wannabe slut who keep saying that she sucked thousands of guys. You know that she never actually took a real dick.

Like the rest of the week she is taking forever to get out of the school.

Do you:

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