New Goddess

From Create Your Own Story

You wake in an unfamiliar courtyard next to a paved walkway. Your bare knees tickle from the grass as you stand, dazed, trying to make out your surroundings. The only thing with you from your bedroom you fell asleep in seems to be the nightgown that barely does the job of decency and offers nothing to protect from the cold breeze. As your blurred vision finally starts to draw detail on the area around you, it is instantly clear you aren't at home. Directly ahead of you, the paving leads to a garden. Bright, colorful, enormous flowers decorate the floor of the little sliver you can see. To your left, the walkway turns after a short distance, obscured from there by the overhang and columns of the outdoor hallway. Finally, to your right, a stone mansion dominates the area adorned with a huge wooden door a short distance away.

Another breeze sweeps through the courtyard and pierces through the nightgown as if you were naked. You shiver and hug yourself and head...

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