My Only Stars!

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Note: This choose-your-adventure story will involve the universe of an existing idol series called Ensemble Stars! It doesn't really require prior knowledge of Enstars, so relax and read on!

If you plan on editing and adding pages to this story, please add mos/ in front of your story options (to prevent accidental linking to the options of the other stories on this wiki).

Example: if you want to write 'Go after him' as a story option, write it like 'mos/Go after him'.

This is it. You're finally here, at the esteemed idol school - Yumenosaki Academy.

You suddenly feel a hand on your shoulder while you're staring at the school in awe. A tired voice pipes up from behind you.

"You know...we don't appreciate trespassers. Who are you?"

How do you reply?

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