Multiversal Madness

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Welcome to Multiversal Madness!

In this adventure, you'll be transported around the Multiverse at your own whim, where you'll be able to meet and court various babes - to your own indiscretion. This is meant to be able to be pretty variable, so each 'scene' adds more details until the finale is kinda the big blow-off. So you might meet someone in an empty room, and one choice might make that room a laboratory, the other choice might reveal the room to be a bunker. This goes for you too - while it's obviously a CHYOA, some options might have specific routes in mind. I'll try to mark them, so people don't ruin their own fun by clicking a path they wouldn't enjoy!

Well, without much more to say, let's get into it!

Where do you begin your story:

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