Move your stuff to mom's room

From Create Your Own Story

That was probably the strangest interaction you've ever had with your mother, and as you head up to your room you can't stop thinking about it. Maybe it's all in your head, or maybe it's that you haven't gotten any in a few weeks, but you've convinced yourself that your mother is coming onto you. As you grab some clothes for the coming days, you start to think about the one time a while ago when you creeped on your own mother when she was working out.


It was maybe a year ago, right around the time you really started to take notice of her... assets. She didn't catch you staring at her huge tits and amazing ass, but you've always felt a sense of guilt after those glorious few seconds you watched her stretching. Of course, you probably would feel less guilty about it had you not jerked off to the thought of your mother more than a few times. All this thinking has a certain extremity of your body rising in your pants, and as you walk into your mother's room, clothes and phone charger in hand, you realize just how horny you've gotten. Just as you set your clothes down, you notice your mom's panty drawer is half-open. The thought of taking a peak is too much to ignore, and you walk over to check things out. When you get there, you notice the shower has just started, and giving that it's too early yet for Becky to be up and about, you conclude that your mom must be the one, so to speak, "getting wet."

Do you:

Have fun with the recently discovered panty drawer

Go peak on mom's shower

Wait for the family to arrive

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