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You reluctantly pull him off of your cock.

"No, please let me finish I can get it all in I promise." He says.

"This won't be our only time doing this Alexis, but it's time your ass was penetrated with a real cock instead of a plastic one." You kick off the shorts that are still around your ankles and climb on the bed, lying flat on your back. "The lubricant is there; all you have to do is put some on and then lower yourself on to my cock."

He wastes no time in climbing on the bed hiking up his dress as he does so, he then straddles you positioning himself facing you with his ass just above your cock. Instead of reaching for the lube he takes hold of your cock and places it at the entrance of his ass, you feel the fabric of his thong move slightly and then he pushes back, you groan as your cock pushes into his ass, and he lets out a long low moan of his own.

After a brief pause he continues to push himself down on your cock, he must have used the lube beforehand while he was getting ready, finally after what seems like an age you're finally in all the way.

"Oh god Leon that feels so good." He then says. "Oh my god I'm going to cum." Just as his ass muscles start to tighten around your cock, his orgasm is quick and he collapses on to your chest, your cock still inside his ass.

Do you?

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