Monday morning(LeroySLBC)

From Create Your Own Story

Monday morning soon comes around and still no sign of any cops, you feel assured that you've gotten away with ass raping your neighbour after all how is he going to explain coming around to your place shaved smooth and wearing lingerie. The biggest surprise about the whole incident is how much you enjoyed the power and control you had over him, your pretty sure you could have had him doing anything you wanted and you're going to make sure should another opportunity present itself your going to take full advantage.

All you plans however must take a back seat as the first thing you need to do is stock up on groceries for the month, so you grab your keys and head to the local mart. While shopping your mind wanders to the events of last week, and you begin to take more notice of the people around you and begin to wonder how many have their own little secrets. It's at this point you notice someone reaching for a box of cereal flashing a lacy thong as they stretch up, you reach past them and hand down the cereal the boy you hand it too looks familiar but your unsure where you know him from.

"Thanks Mister."

"No problem, that's a nice little thong your wearing."

You watch him go red with embarrassment and run away, you finish up your shopping then leave.

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