Michael - 45 year old male

From Create Your Own Story

You have no idea what your wife and kids are up to, but at this point you couldn't care less. This looks like a great way to kill some time and relax out of the sun for a while. As you slip into the tent, however, you are instantly aware that relaxing is not in your immediate future.

"I'm gonna fuckin' kill you!"

You hear the gruff, male voice as soon as you enter the tent. It's darker than you expected, and your eyes will take a moment to adjust after coming in from the bright sunlight outside. You have no idea who's talking, so you freeze and try to get your bearings.

"What the fuck did you do to me?!"

Whoever, and wherever, he is...he sounds pissed. You squint and try to see the man to whom the voice belongs. Then you hear another voice. This one is calmer, and definitely not a man.

"I did nothing you did not ask for."

The voice is quiet and throaty with a thick Eastern European accent.

As your eyes continue to adjust, you can make out two figures on the other side of a small table against the back wall of the tent. A large man is pressed up against a much smaller woman. He is holding her hair tight in his left hand, pulling her head back and forcing her face up to look at him. In his right hand is a large knife pressed against the woman's throat.

"Fuck you," he says, and presses the knife tighter against her throat.

The details are coming into focus. The man is about six feet tall and in decent shape. He is focused entirely on the woman, and he is tense with rage. The woman is clearly supposed to be a fortune-teller. She is dressed in the obligatory gypsy robes and peasant jewelry. She stands maybe five feet tall, with dark black hair. Her figure is hidden under the flowing garment, but her face looks sharply defined. Unlike him she seems quite calm, despite the dire circumstances. As you look at the scene, her eyes glance in your direction. For the first time the man takes notice of your presence and speaks to you in a very deliberate tone.

"Get the fuck out of here," he says. "This is none of your business."

The gypsy simply continues to look at you.

What do you do?

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