Mia - Gladiator(Bloodlust)

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Height : 5'1" (155cm)

Weight : 116 lbs (52kg)

Bust : 30B

Waist : 28

Hip : 32

General Description : With a new-found passion for fighting and killing, Mia looks deceptively cute as she cuts her enemies down without hesitation and a glint of joy in her eyes.

Combat Stats

Favorite Weapon : Dual scimitars, Combat power : 70. (Along with awakened magical abilities that allow her to perceive attacks in slow motion or throw her opponents large distances trough the air, she has developed a taste for blood, making her a vicious fighter.)

Unarmed Combat Power : 40. (Unknowingly using her magical abilities, she can now cause severe damage with her fists.)

Strength : Low. (You can't make someone with a fragile, weak little body strong.. its impossible, the only option is to look for ways to fight that don't require strength.)

Speed : Unmatched (Between heightened reflexes and a new-found love for battle, Mia's main weapon, her speed, has developed to a whole new level.)

Endurance : High. (Even if her body is frail, enjoying the pain goes a long way towards enduring it.)

Willpower : High. (A new-found self confidence and a darker view on the world make Mia a far less easy target than she used to be.)

Magical Ability : High. (Unknown to her, a small portion of her magical ability awakened, causing her to perceive attacks in slow motion.)

Personal Stats

Patience : Limited. (Between her frustration built up trough all the years of abuse and her thinking about how good it would feel to rip annoying people's head off during conversations, Mia has lost most of her patience.)

Diplomacy : Low. (She doesn't care so much to socialize with others anymore.)

Intimidate : Very High. ('The cute girl that will slice your organs out and choke you with them for fun' has already become something of a bogeyman.)

Bluff : None. (She doesn't care enough to lie. If they have a problem with something she'll just kill them.)

Charm : Medium. (She has become more aware of how she can get a man aroused - a skill she has lately been trying to put to good use.)

Sneaking : None. (Why would you sneak up on something? It's far more fun to just attack it head on and worry about the consequences later.)

Acrobatics : High. (You wouldn't say she was a clumsy girl till not too long ago.)

Tool Use : None. ('"Whatever"'.)

Survival : High. (She can perfectly survive by herself now, it *is* however quite dangerous for anyone else nearby to let her run around without someone there to keep her in line.)

General Personality : No longer the shy, bashful girl she used to be, Mia is still largely unaware of her actions' effects on men - along with her new-found passion, that makes her a sensual temptress at random times without intending to.

-Developed a scary sadistic side, although she's also retained her submissive side.

-Liable to go in a blood rage during a fight or when angered.

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