Messaging Alexis

From Create Your Own Story

You are a nineteen year old boy living in a small town in Wyoming. You have not been able to get this girl off your mind. Her name is Alexis and you met her one night at your father's business. The group that Alexis belongs to has been meeting in a board room that your dad rents on nights and weekends. She is amazing. She is a few inches shorter than you and skinny, very skinny. She has small boobs, a straight figure, long legs, and long blond hair. She is your dream girl.

You have talked to her in the past and even joined the group so that you could be around her. Every Sunday and Wednesday you come in to the board room and watch her hoping for her to notice you. You have even tugged on her hair once in a flirtatious attempt to get her to see you, but she doesn't really seem to notice you. She'll smile at you, but she hardly ever talks.

You finally work up enough nerve to talk to her and ask her out, but she says she likes older guys. You point out that you are nineteen and she is eighteen, but she explains that she finds older men attractive. She says she can't wait until she can find someone who is thirty years old or so.

You can't believe it. That is why she never notices you. You go home and search for her on the Internet. You find her Doodle minus account and see if she is on the Doodle Clubs messenger. She is. You quickly make a fake account and message her.


"say hi!"

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