Mess Effect 2

From Create Your Own Story

The game opens to a dark OBSERVATION PLATFORM overlooking a subdued but beautiful SUN. The AUDIENCE is IMPRESSED. A VAGUE, SHADOWY MAN sits smoking in a chair while a woman, presumably one of his FLOOZIES, presses some buttons on a futuristic LASER KEYBOARD.

FLOOZY (Australian accent): Shepard did everything right. More than we could have asked for. Stopping the reapers, but leaving the council to die... humanity's place in the galaxy is now stronger than ever.

SHADOW MAN: Save the exposition, love, I played the first game. Humans control the council, but First-Name-Withheld Shepard remains our best hope.

FlOOZY (Turning around and walking through a HOLO-LASER-READOUT): But they're sending him to fight Geth. Geth! Can you believe that? We both know the Reapers are the real threat.

SHADOW MAN (Inhaling CIGARETTE and blowing out smoke dramatically): And it's up to use to stop them.

FLOOZY (Coughing): The Council will never trust a shadowy evil organization like Cerberus. But Shepard... They'll follow Him/Her. S/He's a hero, a bloody icon, mate. Ridgy-didge. But he/she's just one Man or Woman, depending. If we lose shler...

SHADOW MAN (Leaning forward, CYBERNETIC EYES glowing): Then I suggest you DON'T lose It.

Now make me a coffee, would you? No milk, two sugars.


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