Marion: Age 22

From Create Your Own Story

You are Marion. You are 22 years old and have been with your Master, whom you normally call by his name, Judas, since you were both in high school together. He knows how much you love hentai so he knows he has to come up with lots of crazy scenarios to keep up with your imagination.

But you're not with Judas right now. Right now you're working as a librarian. You're dressed in a heavy wool sweater that shows off some of your chubby curves and a short skirt with tights underneath. You wear glasses with rectangular lenses and your hair reaches down to your jaw.

You got the short end of the stick today and it's your job to put away all the books that students return. As you work you hear from a few stacks over the sound of heavy, passionate breathing.

Fucking in the stacks... that's one of your favorite things. You feel your knees wobble just a little and you sneak around to one stack away and peak through.

You see...

A heterosexual couple going at it.

Two men in the middle of unclothing each other.

Two women scissoring each other.


Before you can get a good look you feel a hand on your rear from behind

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