Male Zombie

From Create Your Own Story

Your name was Neil Polling, a 19 year old high school dropout. You work at a book store, you live with your mother, and you drive a shitty car. Life couldn't get much less cool for you... Until you fucked some random chick from the club, and got infected with that zombie STD. Now, you're getting hornier and more mindless by the hour, and you can't do anything to delay it except spread it around. You still look pretty much human, though, so that's good. You're 6'0", you're not exactly buff but you're fit enough, with pale zombie skin and short, black hair. You have a pretty discreet bite mark on your left hip, from the girl who did this to you. Also, you don't mean to brag, but you have a pretty nice cock-- It's nine inches when fully erect, uncut, and overall a good time.

It's 11 AM and you're still in bed, as teenagers are wont to do. However, you realize something that makes you get up...

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