Magic and Mayhem

From Create Your Own Story

Magic is such a useful tool. It's something everyone has at least a small amount of, and fits perfectly to each Indaviduals personality. Well, it fits … most of the time. You blink once, twice, as the sun slowly wakes you from your peaceful rest, streaming in through the open window of your university dorm room unwelcomed. With the rising of the sun meant another fresh new day of classes to attend. Oh joy. Sighing with the realisation that sleep isn't an option anymore, you roll yourself out of bed and stretch your limbs. Monday morning, welcome back. Rubbing your bleary eyes, you see that two of three room-mates have already rose out of bed and are most likely making breakfast, one however is nestled deep within their orange blankets, clearly not as eager to wake up. He has the same morning class as you do … you think about trying to wake him up.

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