Madelyn and Mary

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Madelyn and Mary are the life of the party, not only in terms of family gatherings, but also at school. They are always seen together, as they have the same school schedule, work the same job, and, of course, attend keggers together. The twins don't particularly enjoy Mike's company, but provided they are given no other options and enough alcohol, they will definitely hang out with him.


Height 5'8"

Weight 125 lbs.

Age 18

Hair color Blonde

Eye color Blue-grey

Cup size 34D

Favorite position None

The twins have two reputations: they are the hottest girls in town, and they are extremely prude. They have the same body, being identical twins and all, with sun-kissed skin (even in the middle of winter), super wide hips to complement perfectly-shaped asses, and perky tits. Neither of them has ever done the deed, which is surprising considering their looks and frequent parties.

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