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To make a page You can type a link. To type a link is to simply type [[Link title here]] and then you're done! Well, mostly. You got to check to make sure it's a red link (a link to a page that does not exist yet, it will be red, hence the name). For example, Sleep, Kill Yourself, and Page 1 are all blue links, pages that are already existing. Do not erase someone's story or page to write your own! Now you can click on the link and start to create it!

To make a story You can head off to a sub-section of the Main Page. Then you would click to see all the stories in that genre. The genres are All Family-Friendly Stories, All PG-13 Stories, All Quizzes and Challenges, All Mature Stories, and - only for ages +18 - All Adult Stories. There you would type the following;

|[[Your Story Name Here]] || {{PAGESINCAT: Name of your story's category here}} || {{Public}} or {{Private}}

There is also a |- in between stories. Keep that in mind!

Now you may move onto Page formatting

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