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Eros Isle, an island off the coast of the United States. For years, the land was inhabited only by tribes, like many of the Caribbean Islands. However, in the late 1800's settlers from Florida began settling on this tropical island. As years progressed, the settlement turned into a city, the city into a thriving community. The island was technically part of the United States, but it almost became it's own small state, ran mostly by the patriarchs of the oldest families on the island. To many, it was as normal a home as any on the mainland; technology was just as advanced, schools and businesses ran as normal, and everything was quite peaceful.

Eventually, this good location was noticed by a variety of companies in the late 90's when the interest in resorts was on the rise. In the early 2000's, a large portion of the island was bought out by the Dite Company, a rather "unusual" resort industry. Dite built a resort; Eros Resort, spanning half the island, containing a hotel, restaurants, beaches, camping, and more luxuries. But they are most famous for their employment of exclusively bombshell women, usually in the older range. In common tongue, MILFs. Their philosophy was to draw in and keep attention with drop dead gorgeous women, and they found no lack of employment on the Isle; the urban legend was something in the water caused most women to grow up into MILFs, but it was never proven.

Now, the island is a mix of homes and resort. Half is the small, peaceful town of Seawind, where many families live and enjoy the tropical life, some working on the resort on the other half of the island. Eros Resort is filled with families looking for luxuries and men looking for...just about anything they can get their hands on.

So, lets find out who you are...



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