Losing badly(SLBC)

From Create Your Own Story

You break off this time and manage to sink a ball and quickly go on to pot the nine ball, you're two up and feeling confident you could do a lot with two grand. You break again and as before you sink a ball soon only the eight and nine balls are on the table as you sink the eight ball the cue ball hits the nine ball before falling in a pocket, you watch as he picks up the cue ball and places it for an easy pot on the nine ball and you curse your luck as he sinks it.

He re-racks the balls and pulls out another cue, "This is the one I usually use for breaking off." He says with a wink, you watch as he smashes the cue ball into the pack and watch the nine ball roll into a pocket, in two shots you've gone from two up to all square, he re-racks the balls once more and you pray for some luck he again splits the pack and sinks a ball but this time the cue ball rolls behind the nine ball blocking his shot to the two ball, your heart leaps and you smile, he winks at you again and pulls out yet another cue this one you recognize as one used for swerve shots. "Shall we make this interesting Lara, what do you say we bet it all on this shot if I sink the nine ball I get you and keep all the cash, and if I don't you get the two grand and another two on top."

You stare at him not knowing what to do he can't possibly sink the nine ball from where he is, maybe he's changed his mind about wanting to fuck you and is giving himself a way out without losing face.

Do you?

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