Look in the main foyer.

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Easiest place to start is in the foyer of the main building, right? Many students pass through and hang out there, making your chances to run into somebody pretty good.

Unsurprisingly, when you get there, the place is bustling, with many people rushing through the multiple adjacent hallways, while others simply leaned against the walls and sat on the benches, hanging out and chatting it up. To you, the place seems even busier with every passing day, unlike what common sense would otherwise dictate.

Casually looking around, you're caught by surprise as you spot Lucia's vibrant mane of red hair, the kitsune idly leaned against a rather isolated wall. People passing by would sometimes say "hi" or have a couple words with her, but aside from that, she was all alone - an occurrence that, until now, had been unprecedented during your time here. You didn't think you'd be this lucky!

You decide to approach her, the kitsune's ears perking as she catches your gaze. You're about to greet her, though you're surprised as she does so to you first.

"Heya!" she calls to you, giving you an intense gaze. Those bright orange eyes of hers were rather intimidating. "You're the human transfer student, right?"

You blink. Why is she interested in that?

"I am." you reply simply.

"Oooh, sweet!", she chirps, hopping away from the wall she had been leaning on. "I have lots of things I wanted to ask you!"

You feel dazed, now. The most popular girl in school...is interested in you?

You decide to ask:

Stats & Affinity
Position Human Student Affinity:


Status Healthy
Location Main Foyer
Personality Neutral
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