LoK Wake up (Topless).

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Gradually, Krystal opens her eyes to a woven ceiling and stretches stiffly, noticing an odd flavour in her mouth. She swallows and a trickle of warmth runs through her. Odd. She briefly wonders why she's so sore in such a comfortable- Wait, whose bed am I in? She sits up quickly, resulting in a dull pain in her head, and examines her surroundings. She seems to be in a primitive hut with slightly less primitive furniture. In addition to the bed there is a small table with two chairs. In the middle of the hut rests a cookfire with a pot hanging over it. Krystal sniffs the air hungrily, noticing again that odd taste that seems to cling to her tongue. Whatever is in that pot however smells delicious, drawing her to her feet with a rustle of cloth and a jingle of jewelery. Surprised, she looks down at her attire. Where is my flight suit? Her usual full body attire has been replaced with a thin golden belt with a loincloth attached to it. A space has been left in the rear flap for her tail. I'll have to be careful how I move in this. A sudden motion or stray breeze could leave me completely exposed she worries. Various golden trinkets adorn her limbs, but her generous bosom is left gloriously bare. As she runs her hands over her body to check for injuries, her nimble fingers encounter a dried, gooey substance that seems to have soaked into her fur from the waist up. Her skin tingles vaguely as she rubs it around. She touche her head gingerly. Gods, this is going to take forever to get out of my hair. Moving her paw to her muzzle, she sniffs experimentally. Strangely, the odor matches the flavour that clings to her tongue. If this is something I've been eating, why is it all over me? Her stomach growls at the thought of food, drawing her back toward the large pot. As she leans over it however, she hears footsteps from outside and falls back into a defensive stance. Despite all her previous travels and experiences, what comes through the door is still a surprise. The creature that enters is tall and lithe, with green and grey scales covering her body. She wears a skimpy black thong and a black top that barely contains her massive breasts. Her calves are wrapped in black straps and a black headdress frames her sharp features. The fierce beauty glances at Krystal, "Oh good, you're awake", before striding gracefully toward the boiling pot. "You must be hungry", she says over her shoulder as she begins to stir its contents. "Who are you?", Krystal asks, "Where am I?" "My name is Liz", the woman responds, "And this is my hut." She carefully tastes the soup "Hmm, almost there..." "How did I get here?" Krystal persists. "I'm sure you'll remember soon. Our warriors brought you here to recover after your ship crashed in the jungle. You were in rough shape, but you seem to have recovered remarkably quickly." Well, I am Cerinian, thinks Krystal. Wait, warriors? Ship crashed? "By the way," Liz continues, "I have a top that matches that sexy little thing you're wearing. Unless of course you would prefer to leave those beauties free.

Does Krystal:

Health 100 Equipment:

Tribal Armour (Loincloth)

MP 0
Level 0
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