LoK Start fingering herself.

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It feels so.....Good Krystal starts to vigorously attack her clit, moaning slightly as she starts to pinch her already hard nipple. She feels the pinches shuddering through her entire body, causing her pussy to grow even wetter than before. Her fingers start to slide inside of herself, finding that G-spot she loved so much.The moans grow even louder, and her juices slowly dribble out onto the uncomfortable seat of her arwing, joining with the sweat she had accumulated with all the heat. Feeling it welling deep inside her as her soft pussy lips clench her fingers, she orgasms, a low scream of pleasure escaping her as she does. The sweat in her seat causes her body to slide forward as she shudders, her knee bumping the auto pilot switch off. Suddenly her arwing takes a sharp dive towards the ground. "What the!? Krystal what's happeni..." fox's transmission cuts short as krystal tries to straighten the arwing out, but it's too late. smashing into the treeline she blacks out.

Does she:

Health 100 Equipment:

Krystal's' Staff

MP 0
Level 0
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