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Krystal shrugged, leaving the pair to their own devices. She tossed another glance over her shoulder, and it was clear they had already forgotten about her. If she was going to get her bell rung properly, she would have to find someone else. Krystal paused, waiting for the elevator. She was... uncharacteristically horny at the moment. Cerinians have rather strong sex drives, but she just had a threesome, and she was already plotting out her next conquest. She didn't normally cycle through partners that fast.

The elevator dinged open, and Krystal entered, pressing the button back to her floor. She took another drink from her Kahlua, and thought for a moment, listening to the muzak. "Computer: contact Slippy," Krystal said aloud. The elevator's communicators crackled to life, and the ship's engineer answered.

"What can I help you with, Krystal?" the frog croaked, "If you're calling about your ship, it's not finished yet. Actually, I haven't even started it yet."

"That's okay Slippy- is Fox back yet?" Krystal answered. The frog was busy; she didn't realistically expect him to be finished anyway.

"Nope." said Slippy. "But I expect he'll be here soon- you two were only supposed to be out for an hour anyway. We have that meeting this afternoon."

Krystal nodded to herself. Then, remembering that it was a comm call, asked "What's the meeting about, Slippy?"

"No idea. Everyone will be there, though. Starfox team, and the extended team."

The elevator dinged, and the doors opened, but Krystal stayed put. "Who else is here, Slippy?"

Slippy's side of the comm went silent as he counted off the ships in the hangar. "Lessee... well, you, me, Falco, & Peppy. Katt, Fay and Fara came on board with The General and Bill Grey, so they're all on board somewhere. Oh- and Fox, too, of course. This looks like it's going to be a pretty big deal."

"All right Slippy, thank you."

Krystal ended the call, and marched out of the elevator, straight to her room. She chucked her stained tank top straight into the laundry- or at least on the floor next to it. It was already a bit crusty with Falco's dried leavings, and she certainly wasn't going to wear it again. She sat down in front of the window, slipped off her pants and her panties, and threw them into the corner with her shirt.

The vixen walked to the bathroom and hopped in the shower, cleaning both the scent and the dried crusted fluids of her earlier session with Falco and Katt from her fur. Can't show up to a big meeting smelling like a drunken college girl, reasoned the blue fox as she lathered the soap over her body. She dawdled over her breasts, teasing and tweaking her nipples a bit- they responded typically, puffing and stiffening between her fingers. Subconsciously, her other hand lowered to her nethers, and began rubbing herself vainly trying to get her thighs feeling warm and tingly again. After a few more frustrating minutes of fruitless female fapping, she stomped out of the shower, and grabbed another towel.

Krystal toweled herself dry again and stared down at Sauria, idly wondering if Fox was still down there, flying through rings, and doing barrel rolls, or doing whatever else it took to make him happy. She got dressed again- opting once more for something more casual than military. Unless she was told differently, this meeting wasn't one that required her to wear a dress military uniform.

She stepped out into the hallway, intent on wandering the halls towards the hangar to wait for Fox- or someone interesting- when she almost bumped into Peppy.

"Afternoon, Krystal," Peppy said as the vixen walked out.

Does she:

Health 100 Equipment:

Casual Dress

MP 0
Level 1
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