LoK Head to the Pool Showers to get cleaned off?

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Krystal sashayed unsteadily towards the showers. She perhaps didn't get her bell rung as thoroughly as she normally did, but her legs still tingled a bit. She glanced back to the lovers at the poolside Katt was purring something softly to Falco, who chuckled something under his breath. Krystal smiled a little, and continued into the shower. She didn't need to be a telepath to figure out what those two were planning.

She walked around to the ladies' changing room -Slippy had hastily subdivided the old changing room when she joined the crew- and tossed her clothes and towel on a nearby bench. Humming quietly to herself, she walked to one of the shower stalls, keen on washing the fluids from the afternoon's dalliances off before it set in.

"Oh!" Caught completely by surprise, Krystal locked eyes with a very large-framed hound dog. "General..? What are you doing here?" Krystal paused for a moment. "In... the ladies' shower room." She paused again, but wasn't willing to voice the next thought that sprung into her head. Watching Falco, Katt, and I make love.

The General also paused, choosing his words carefully. "Why I'm here is classified... However I will reveal that to the rest of your team at the meeting today at 19:00 hours." He paused again to look at Krystal. She continued standing attentively in front of him- she was Cerinian; she wasn't as hung up on nudity like Cornerians were. The General spoke again. "I am here, hiding in the washroom, because I was making an inspection of this vessel when Falco started swimming. Then you and Katt joined him... and... well, it would have been awkward to try to sneak out in the middle of all that."

Ah. So he was watching. Krystal cursed silently to herself. Fox would go apeshit if he found out his pilots were screwing like college kids. Worse, if he knew they did it with their number one employer watching. Speaking of which... Pepper was still here. Looking at her.

"An inspection, General? Do you plan on availing yourself of our services in the near future?" Krystal tried to misdirect the older man, change up the flow of conversation a bit. Distract the both of them from her nudity a bit.

"Possibly, possibly." The General, for the first time, broke eye contact with her, and cast his eyes around the room. "I have little doubt in Starfox Team's combat abilities. But I also have little doubt that you're badly in need of funding. Your base of operations and it's equipment is in disrepair. Shameful. Why, its almost enough to make me reconsider using you as an asset. There are other space mercenaries out there with better equipment, and almost as good a record."

Krystal bit her lip nervously. This was not at all what the team needed right now. They needed work. And Pepper was one of their largest accounts. Krystal had to figure out some way to change the general's mind, and fast.

Does she:

Health 100 Equipment:

Stark naked, 2 bottles of Kahlua

MP 0
Level 1
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