LoK Enter Fox's room (sexy)

From Create Your Own Story

"It sounds like fun Katt" Krystal says,"but i wanna be in fox's room when he gets back. you know how easily he finds something to occupy himself with." Katt smiles,"you've got that right, hes always doing something. well maybe afterwards you can come find me and get that drink eh'?" Katt turns and strolls towards the lounge. Krystal frowns If only Katt would realise how good she looks and just go after Falco She heads to Fox's room, and sits for a few minutes. Being bored, she gets up, exploring Fox's room. Old pictures, some common novels, nothing too special in there. Krystal sighs, about to give up looking for anything "interesting" until she sees the nightstand's drawer is a little open. Reaching in she giggles, finding some Cerinian porn magazines, focusing on blue haired girls. She flips through the pages that weren't sticking together, and turns as she hears footsteps outside the door.

Does she:

Health 100 Equipment:

MP 0
Level 0
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