LoK Convince Katt to go naked too

From Create Your Own Story

Krystal smirks as she saunters over to Katt. "I heard it's good for my health," she says. "You know, you should try it too," she almost purrs as she walks closer to the feline.

"Krystal, I don't--" Katt says before being pounced on by Krystal, who begins undressing the kitty.

"Shh..." she says, taking off Katt's bra, letting her breasts free. The vixen licks her lips at the sight and moves down to her panties, slowly removing them. Once it was all finished, Katt, now as nude as Krystal, stood up. "K-Krystal, this isn't what I--" she began before Krystal shushes her on the lips. "Just relax," the blue vixen says.

Does Krystal:

Health 100 Equipment:

MP 0
Level 0
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