LoK ...and Katt head to the pool.

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The first half of their drinks already finished by the time they hit the doors to the Rec Room, Krystal was ready for that swim.

Krystal whipped off her top and tossed it on one of the nearby deck chairs before she noticed that they weren't alone.

"Oh, hey Falco." Krystal purred. The blue bird was swimming laps in the pool. Krystal took a moment to drink him all in; Katt took a moment to finish her drink, and start the next one. "We thought he'd have this place all to ourselves."

"Evidently." The well-muscled pilot swam up to the shallow end to meet them, his eyes glancing over Krystal's bared chest, to Katt, hiding behind her. "Hey there, Katt- I didn't know you were back."

Katt smiled meekly, "H-hey there, Falco." Katt's eyes betrayed her, running down over his torso, trying to peer beneath the water.

"I guess you girls want some privacy for your swim?" Falco said, looking again at Krystal's breasts, smirking slightly.

"No.... I think you're cool enough to hang out with us." Krystal took off her track pants, depositing them next to her T-Shirt. "What do you say, Katt?"

Katt stammered her approval, and took a second swig from her drink, and blushed slightly. She nodded before quelling her waving voice, "Sure... or we c-can come back later when you're done..."

Krystal walked over to the quavering pink Katt, and tugged up her yellow tank top- the pink cat's pink puppies tumbled out happily. "There," Krystal whispered. "now he's seen them. Finish your drink, and get in the pool. Now's your chance..." Krystal turned back to Falco, and whipped off her panties. "There's a dress code in effect in the pool, bird!" Krystal hopped in the pool, taking care to keep the chlorine out of her drink.

Falco grinned widely, watching the vixen's breasts bounce and splash in the water. "Ladies first," he laughed, looking again up at Katt.

"Don't stare at her," scolded Krystal playfully, "give her some privacy." she then splashed water at the bird until he retreated to the other side of the pool, and motioned for Katt to hurry up while Falco was distracted. The embarrassed cat quickly chucked the rest of her clothing, and ducked into the water up to her collarbone. Krystal tsk'd at her bashful friend. "Okay Falco. Off with them!"

Falco looked back at the two nude women in the pool with him. He dipped below the water briefly, then resurfaced, holding a brilliant red speedo. He tossed it to the edge of the pool, where it landed with a wet plop.

"Well, Krystal?" asked Falco? "What now?"

Does she:

Health 100 Equipment:

Stark naked, 2 bottles of Kaluha

MP 0
Level 1
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