Listen to Charmaine and take the usual route home

From Create Your Own Story

You dislike risking your life - and those of your siblings - on some wild, idiotic venture.

Then, why are you here? This is a horror story! Why do you think it's called Madman's Mansion, you have to visit a mansion! With a Madman in it. Go play with dolls, you Charmaine.

What? You still want a proper ending? Fine.

You go home with Kwan and Charmaine. You end up safe and secure with your family. For a year, you grow bored. You become obsessed with that shortcut, so much so that you blame Charmaine for being such a coward. You end up growing up hating her.

A year passes by, and you guys end up going swimming again, but this time, you take the shortcut and abandon your sister there. She is never heard from again.

As for you, you end up being one sick brother. Shame on you.



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