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You are a Prince, raised knowing you are going to either be the success or failure of your Kingdom. You are raised knowing that one day your Father, the King, will ask you to do something that will break your heart. Little did you know that what he asks you to do will make you leave the castle and go to the other side of the barrier. You sit with your head in your hands as the reality sinks in.

You are a beautiful humble daughter of a butcher. Your Mother, the town's most respected woman died during childbirth and made you well-known. The town's people love you, respect you, and honor you. You were raised knowing that you have to hold up the house and you do without question. You know where you stand in the town, but you hold yourself along side everyone else. You walk down the rode, game slung over your back and bow in hand.

Are you:

Prince Kaleb: A prince who always relies on others for nearly everything. Your dirty blonde hair is swept back just above your emerald eyes, you have a sturdy build and you're master sword fighter. Your ego is too high for your own good.

Aire: A commoner who is adored by everyone. You walk with confidence as you brown hair is plaited back and a few strands of your bangs sweep over your daring blue eyes. You learned to never rely on anyone and always smile.

Health 100 Equipment:


Stamina 100
Mood N/A Inventory:


Stachel 00G, 00S, 00C
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