Lieutenant Sonya Blade

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Sonya,s Chamber

At NightOut of the shadows, Shang Tsung stepped forward and revealed himself to her "Hello Sonya" he said in a relatively normal tone of voice. Sonya walked towards him, making sure she added an extra sway to her hips, and when she reached him she wrapped her arms around his neck, tippy toed, and gave him a kiss right in the lips. "Mmm, god how I missed your kisses" she said while licking her lips, "You know it's only been a day since we were last together right" Shang responded while smirking, "I know but you're just that good, Sorcerer my beloved." Sonya replied playfully. Once they were next to the bed, she turned to him "Fuck me" she said as she ripped open her buttoned dress showing him, one: she had no bra on, and two: her big, perky tits. Next she unzipped her knee length skirt and let it pool at her feet before kicking it to the corner, she kept her 4 inch heels on because she knew he liked her luscious legs. Then she got on the bed, crawled sexily to the center, and laid down on her backside while arching her back a little to make her herself look even more provocative. "Come and ravish me baby" she said in a soft, low, sexy voice while biting her lower lip. Shang took off his clothes . As soon as she saw his cock she began to finger herself using only her middle and ring finger "Oh yeah…it's so fucking big" she moaned. " I am horny and my pussy is craving a hard pounding, sooo…" Blade began saying as she spread open her pussy lips, showing him her pink insides "…how about you stick that big cock of yours in here" she finished alluringly. "It'll be my pleasure" Shang replied . He grabbed his dick and guided the tip right at her entrance, he pushed his bulbous head past her tight lips causing her to moan and him to hiss with pleasure. "Oh yeah, stick it in, STICK IT ALL IN!" Sonya said with excitement , Shang lifted up her right leg and placed it on his shoulder before he steadied himself and thrusted into her with all his strength. Sonya howled with pure ecstasy as she felt her pussy walls stretch and mold to fit him. Suddenly he pulled out much to her dissatisfaction. But he quickly transformed into Johnny Cage and flipped her over. Without warning he thrusted his celebrity cock in her ass.

"You know…it may be a pain in the 'ass' to see you turn into this idiot. BUT I LOVE IT!" Sonya moaned at first before screaming the last part out, "Good, because I love your ass" he responded back while slapping her left ass cheek, making it jiggle. He went on ramming into Blade for a few more minutes before her body started trembling and she started screaming that she was going to cum. "Oh god…I'M GUNN- Ohhh I'M CUMMING!" she yelled as her juices gushed out and splashed against his balls before dripping to the mattress below. Feeling and seeing her body tremble beneath him made him lose it, he grabbed the bed sheets on either side of her head, pulled out half-way, and then gave her asshole one last powerful thrust. He went in as deep as he could before he growled and deposited a huge amount of cum in her ass. The whole time she was screaming, moaning, and shaking with absolute pleasure. Shang slowly pulled his cock out of her asshole, making her groan with satisfaction, after both of their highs had come down. When he finally pulled out his entire dick, he rolled over to the side, placed one hand behind his head, and layed on his back right next to her. Sonya stayed on her stomach for a few seconds to gather herself before she too rolled over to him and layed on top of his chiseled chest. Shang Tsung turned back to his true form and pushed her off. "Good fuck bitch." He said before moving out.

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