Let the blanket fall off you.

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This represents a fantasy, and not any actual situation or insinuation against law enforcement.

Status: Naked & Humiliated

You take a deep breath, before letting the blanket fall off you. A subtle smile plays over her face, as she looks over your body. She comes close, and grasping you by your hips, pulls in for a long kiss, which you return. She runs her strong hands over your body, kneading your buttocks, caressing your spine, fondling your breasts, pinching your nipples.

She breaks the kiss, takes off her top, and unsnaps her bra, exposing smallish breasts. She gently holds your head, and guides it down her neck, towards her breasts, and you kiss her skin all the way down. You get to her breasts, and you kiss and nibble on her nipples, causing her to arch her neck back, and release a soft moan.

She holds your head at her chest for a few minutes, as she unbuttons her shorts, and lets them fall to the ground. She then guides your head down her belly, to her mound which is moistening through her panties. She scoots them down as your lips approach, and she presses your face into her pussy, as she leans back against a shelf. You spread open her labia with your fingers, and you kiss, lick, and nibble on her clit. She bites her lip, and rolls her eyes up, as her breathing becomes ragged. Soon, she is moaning under her breath, as she presses your face hard into her cunt. Suddenly, she grunts, and grinds her pelvis against you, arching her back.

After a minute, she lets your head go, as she fans her flushing skin, panting. You rise, and avoid her gaze, as you continue looking through the boxes for clothes.

As your search continues, she gets dressed, and pats your ass as she leaves. "Take all the time you need. I'll be right outside these doors if you need me."

You lip quivers, and your eyes well with tears. As soon as she steps out, you cry quietly to yourself.

After another half hour, you've composed yourself, and found a somewhat frilly dress that fits you well enough, so you put it on, and step out.

You're put in an interrogation room, and left for an hour or two with some water. After making a statement, and signing some forms, the female officer tells you that no one is pressing charges, so you're free to go.

You get home is as the sky is darkening, pull your spare key out of the mail box, and step inside, throwing the dress on the ground, and heading straight for the shower.

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