Let him take control and just masturbate

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"Good bitch" he grunts as he rams his needy cock down your throat. His full nuts slap against your chin as you furiously jack off. The smell of jizz and the sound of slapping flesh overwhelm you as he fucks you. You struggle to breathe as he mercilessly fucks you. Your heart thuds in your ears as you feel yourself getting close to a climax. You moan in ecstacy and submit completely to the random man. Soon, you are laying on your back as he pummels your mouth and throat, unable to find enough strength to do anything but masturbate. You feel your balls churn and you accidentally inhale right as you climax. You choke and begin to writhe on the ground like a worm on a hook as cum rockets out of your dick. The other man holds you down as he suddenly slams his hips into your face, forcing his cock balls deep into your throat. You try to breathe through his jizz as he moans above you. Cum splatters around you two as cum is shot out of your dick like a fire hose. You try to breathe through his jizz and cum is forced through your nose and into your lungs. Your vision clouds as your lungs burn and your cocks both continue to fire. You slowly calm down as you get tunnel vision and feel your body start to go numb. You feel full as the man above you shoots a huge amount of jizz into your lungs and stomach. You feel cold on your hands and feet. It slowly crawls up your body until the last thing your feel is the cum finally stops shooting out of your dick.

Continue as the other guy

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