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It's December 24th, 2017. Your name is Mike and you are stuck sitting though another annual Stewart family get-together. Here in Willmar, Minnesota, there's not much to do in the winter, and that's when the roads aren't completely snowed-over, which they are. Typical. This was supposed to be a winter break that you got some pussy, but your hopes of that happening are incredibly diminished. Oh well, you should still have an okay time during the family gathering, speaking of which, right about now should be the time that your mom figures out where you'll be staying for the next few days. You get up and decide to go ask her where you're going to be bunking. After a couple minutes of searching, you find her in the kitchen, reading some home improvement magazine.

"Hey mom."

Without looking up, she responds, "What do you need, honey?"

"Where am I staying for the family thing this year? Last year you made me stay with Becky, which kinda sucked."

"Oh I have room assignments written down in my phone, let me look real quick."

After a few seconds of reading, she says, "You're in ..."

The guestroom, with Aunt Linda

My room, with me of course

Your room, with the twins

Becky's room again! Sorry

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